"i hate when clients judge stylist based on our age or race. just because someone is young doesn’t mean they know all the trends and how to do them in your wacky hair, or just not know how to do hair. just because a stylist is a lot older doesn’t mean they know everything, and/or doesn’t mean they don’t know how to do the trendy stuff. DO NOT ASSUME that a black stylist can not do Caucasian hair. or do not assume a Caucasian stylist or Hispanic stylist can not do African American hair. i love my job, but it’s sad how my profession has opened my eyes to how many people are still prejudice in this world. just because im Hispanic (puerto rican to be exact, and very proud of it.) does not mean i can not do Caucasian or African American hair. so, if you sit in my chair and complain that i am not the right skin color or the right age for you, then get up and wait for the next available stylist. because i will be more than happy to have someone in my chair that is most appreciative of what i can do and offer them. PEACE.
-love your fellow tumblr and hair stylist: YAYA"